Record Year of Placement

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Fall/ Winter 03


Record Year of Placement

Working against a steep decline in tenure-track openings last year, graduates from the Rutgers English Program enjoyed unparalleled success in the academic job market. Sixteen of twenty applicants for 2002-2003 accepted offers to teach college-level English, and thirteen of those positions are tenure-track.

"It was truly a wonderful year," said Professor Jonathan Kramnick, Director of Graduate Placement. "We have to attribute our success first to the candidates themselves and our faculty," he told the Rutgers Focus. "Beyond that to the attention we pay to professional development over the course of the Program and the guidance we provide as students head out on the job market."

The Rutgers Graduate English Program is widely recognized as one of the best in the nation, but that can be little consolation in times when the job market is tight. Graduate Program Director Myra Jehlen noted: "Our placement success in the last year has greatly cheered us, of course, but also confirmed our belief in the students and the Program."

Congratulations to all the new professors, and best wishes the Rutgers graduates applying for academic jobs this year.

Tenure-Track Hiring Institutions: Boston University • Carlow College • Catholic University of America • Marist College • Mercer County Community College • Massachusetts Institute of Technology • Nassau Community College • Oxford University • SUNY Institute of Technology • University of California, Berkeley • University of South Alabama • Saint Louis University, Madrid • Yale University

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