Certificate Programs

Certificate Program in African Studies


Certificate Program in Africana Studies

The 9-credit graduate certificate in Africana Studies offers students enrolled in graduate programs the opportunity to complete their studies with an additional specialization in Africana Studies. It provides students in any discipline a concentration on the interrelated experiences of the peoples of Africa and the African diaspora, and the multiple methodologies of inquiry necessary to interrogate those experiences fully through comparative and global contexts.

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Certificate Program in Critical Caribbean Studies

Rutgers Graduate students seeking to strengthen their expertise in Caribbean studies are encouraged to earn a Certificate in Critical Caribbean Studies in conjunction with an advanced degree in any Rutgers University graduate program.  Completing the requirements of this certificate, candidates will expand their career options and will realize a range of learning outcomes (including, but not limited to):

  • Gaining, furthering, and demonstrating expertise in topics focused on and related to the Caribbean
  • Developing an interdisciplinary Caribbean studies methodological framework
  • Enhancing their professional scholarly development within their discipline by gaining specialized training in Caribbean studies
  • Gaining the specialized writing and research skills to produce articles and dissertations that engage with many interdisciplinary conversations within Caribbean studies.  

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Certificate Program in Women's & Gender Studies

The Department of Women's & Gender Studies offers a Graduate Certificate Program that can support and enrich students' intellectual lives at Rutgers, as well as providing a helpful credential for the job market. The Certificate Program enables students enrolled in Rutgers Ph.D. programs to acquire an additional specialization in Women's & Gender Studies. It prepares students to conduct research in women's and gender studies, to develop and teach courses with a focus on gender and sexuality, and to expand the scope of their professional activity to include the fields of gender and sexuality studies.

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