Graduate Program


The English Department assists graduate students to obtain positions in higher education through a vigorous placement program.  Students going on the job market in the fall meet with the Placement Director during the prior spring term, when they are given preliminary advice on the application process and the preparation of job materials over the course of the summer.  Then, early in the fall, students are advised by the Director and by a large faculty placement committee on the writing of application letters and the assembling of dossiers, research and teaching statements, and other documents.  Jobseekers are invited to participate in mock interviews with faculty committees and with individual faculty.  Those who receive call-back interviews by prospective employers are given the opportunity to present mock job talks before groups of Rutgers faculty and students.

Our placement record is among the very best in the country.  In assessing our success, we exclude data from the most recent three years, since the job search has evolved nationally into a two- or three-year process, often requiring jobseekers to hold temporary positions before moving into tenure-track jobs (during this transitional period, Rutgers continues to offer support to our students, financial and otherwise).  Between October 2004 through May 2016, the department conferred 165 Ph.D.s.  Of those graduates,138 (84%) secured college and university teaching jobs in all categories of employment (including tenure-track jobs, lectureships or instructorships [some of which turned into permanent but non-tenured positions], visiting assistant professorships, and post-doctoral fellowships).  102 of those graduates (62% of the total) got tenure-track jobs.  These results outshine most of our peer institutions, many of which are unwilling to share comparable statistics.

Many other graduates have gotten non-academic jobs for which their Ph.D. in English prepared them, whether directly or indirectly.  Some of these former students are currently administrators in higher education, university librarians, staff at non-profit organizations, private secondary school teachers, editors, writers, or professionals in a variety of humanistic career paths.

The following is a list of tenure-track jobs our graduate students have secured in recent years, along with other academic placements such as post-docs, instructorships, lectureships, and visiting positions:

2019-2020:  Tenure-track:  California State University-Long Branch, Rice University, and Pittsburgh University.  Other placements:  University of Pittsburgh, United World College of Dilijan-Armenia, and Henry Rutgers (post doc).

2018-2019:  Tenure-track:  Skidmore College and University of Kentucky.  Other placements:  William and Mary College, Brandeis College, Rutgers University (Writing Program), Cornell University-Robert P. Dana, and University of Chicago (postdoc).

2017-2018:  Tenure-track:  Berkeley College.  Other placements:  US Air Force Academy, American University of Iraq-Sulaimani, Rutgers University (Writing Program), University of California-Berkeley, American Philosophical Society (postdoc), Henry Rutgers (postdoc), and University of Bonn-Germany (post-doc).

2016-2017: Tenure-track: University of Louisiana-Monroe, Borough of Manhattan Community College, University of Connecticut-Avery Point, and Ashoka University (Delhi). Other placements: Rutgers’ Center of Cultural Analysis, Tennessee Technological University, Douglass Residential College, Saginaw Valley State University, Princeton Writing Program, and Virginia Commonwealth University (postdoc).

2015-2016: Tenure-track:  Yale University, University of San Francisco, and Lawrence Technological University.  Other placements:  Harvard Society of Fellows (postdoc), Bryn Mawr, Rutgers University, and Siginaw Valley State University. 

2014-2015: Tenure-track:  SUNY-Albany, Allegheny College, William Paterson, and Queensborough Community College-CUNY.  Other Placements:  University of Rochester (postdoc), New York University, Kettering University, University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, and University of Melbourne (Australia).

2013-2014: Tenure–track: Vanderbilt University, Wellesley College, Hendrix College, SUNY-Cortland, and University of Waterloo (Canada). Other Placements: George Mason University-South Korea and Concordia University (Canada).

2012-2013: Tenure-track:  University of Toronto, Florida State University, Colgate University, NYU-Abu Dhabi, Longwood University, Shiv Nadar University (India).  Other Placements: Haverford College, Franklin & Marshall College, University of Miami, University of Melbourne, Goddard College, Stevens Institute of Technology, North Central College-Illinois; post-docs: Emory University, University of Oldenberg (Germany); American Council of Learned Societies Junor Faculty Fellow:  University of California Berkeley.

2011-2012: Tenure-track: University of South Carolina, University of Southern California, San Francisco State University, University of Maryland, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Hanyang University (South Korea), and University of Delhi (India). Post-Docs: Carnegie Mellon University, Washington University, and University of Texas-Austin.

2010-2011: Tenure-track:  Wayne State University, Bentley University, University of Texas-San Antonio, UCLA, Drew University, Rhode Island College, Inha University (South Korea), New Community College, CUNY, Raritan Valley Community College.  Post-Docs:  American Council of Learned Societies New Faculty Fellowship, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Fordham University.  Other Placements:  University of Nebraska-Omaha.

2009-2010: Tenure-track: University of Vermont, St. Louis University, Pomona College, Trinity Christian College, University of Georgia. Post-Docs: Rice Humanities Center, University of Pennsylvania Humanities Forum, University of Pennsylvania Teaching Fellowship, Fonds québécois pour la recherche sur la société et la culture-Columbia University. Other Placements: Seton Hall University, Montclair State University. 

2008-2009: Tenure-track:  St. Mary's University College-Calgary (Canada), Point Park University-Pittsburgh, University of Chicago, University of Alberta, Rutgers University-Newark, Buck's County Community College, LaSapienza University (Italy), University Orientale-Naples (Italy), and Masaryk University (Czech Republic).  Other placements:  Lawrence University.

2007-2008: Tenure-track:  North Carolina State University-Raleigh, Trinity University, Hunter College-CUNY, Virginia Polytechnic Institute, St. Joseph’s College-Long Island, Grinnell College, DePaul University.  Other placements:  Macalester College-St. Paul, Temple University, Oberlin College, Boston University, Lawrence University.

2006-2007: Tenure-track:  Trinity University, University of Central Missouri, Edgewood College, College of Staten Island, University of Missouri-Columbia, Auburn University, Portland State University.  Post-Docs: California Institute of Technology, University of Alberta (Canada). Other placements:  University of Georgia, Cornell University, University of Oklahoma, Harvard Society of Fellows.

2005-2006: Tenure-track: Yale University, Dartmouth College (plus post-doc at Stanford); Dartmouth College, Boston University, Villanova University, CUNY-York College, University of Memphis, St. Johns University, University of Nebraska–Omaha, South Carolina State University, Wheaton College. Other placements: Macalester College, Union College, St. Johns University, Monmouth University, Harvard Writing Program, Yale Writing Program.

2004-2005: Tenure-track: Harvard University, York University (United Kingdom), McMaster University (Canada), Ohio State University, Fordham University, St. Johns University, George Washington University, Texas A&M, Florida Atlantic University, University of Southern Mississippi, University of North Texas, Montclair State University, The College of the Bahamas. Other placements: Seton Hall University, Santa Monica University, Bryn Mawr College, Connecticut College.