Students receive written evaluations at all stages of their work in the program, even when they have passed their Qualifying Examinations and are thereby categorized as ABD (All But Dissertation). Their progress is reviewed by the Student Review Committee, which is composed of five faculty members: the Graduate Director, the Associate Director, and three additional members of the graduate faculty. Renewal in the Program depends on making satisfactory progress in the judgment of the Student Review Committee.  In the event that the committee recommends against renewal, the student will have three weeks to file an appeal, if s/he chooses, with the Graduate Executive Committee. The appeal shall include a statement from the student introducing new information and/or contextualizing past course evaluations; the former, however, will be particularly important to any reconsideration. The appeal may be accompanied by supporting letters from faculty. It will be decided at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Graduate Executive Committee by a majority vote of the faculty members of the committee.
For students who are in course work, progress is measured once per semester by the Student Review Committee, by means of written evaluations from each of the faculty with whom the student has taken courses. Satisfactory progress is defined as a combination of A and A- grades. B grades are not considered satisfactory.
For students who are ABD, progress is measured once a year during the Spring Semester by the Student Review Committee, by means of the Dissertation Writer's Report and the Dissertation Director's Evaluation. The Dissertation Writer's Report is a mandatory form all ABD students are required to submit to their Director and to the Graduate Office each January. The Dissertation Director's Evaluation is also submitted to the Graduate Office and is shared with the student. Satisfactory progress is based on these reports and ultimately determined by the Student Review Committee.