Coursework Requirements

Independent Study

Independent Study is an unusual arrangement that provides students the opportunity to pursue a plan of study unavailable through course work. It entails the fulfillment of the same requirements as a seminar - that is, an extensive writing assignment, along with regular meetings with a faculty member to discuss a predetermined reading list. To receive course credit for an Independent Study, the student must come to an agreement with a faculty member by the end of the registration period preceding the semester of proposed study on the nature and requirements of the course. In addition, the student must present the faculty member and the adviser a proposal outlining the terms of this agreement. The proposal should explain why the proposed study cannot be fulfilled by course work.
Normally, Independent Study may be undertaken only in the later stages of course work and no student may count more than one Independent Study (other than that taken in preparation for the Qualifying Exams) toward their 42 coursework credits. Students should be mindful that directing an Independent Study is not regarded as a normal faculty responsibility; agreement to direct one is entirely at the discretion of the faculty member.
Independent Studies are subject to the same course work deadlines as ordinary courses. This includes submitting the final paper to the Graduate Office by the appropriate deadline date.