Writing Seminars and Workshops


A Grants and Fellowships Workshop is offered during the fall semester.  This workshop provides valuable advice on how to prepare a strong application and also informs students on various grants and/or applications that are available each year.

An Orals Exam Workshop is offered during the fall semester.  This workshop is geared towards students in their 2nd year and provides an academic timeline as they begin to prepare for their qualifying exam phase.

A Dissertation Writing Workshop (not to be confused with the Dissertation Writing Seminar) is offered once during the fall semester.  This workshop provides a forum to share concerns and questions as the students begin work on their dissertations.  Information is provided to the participants on the general expectations for the dissertation. Advice on how to manage the task of writing the substantial works of original scholarship needed to complete an approved dissertation.


All students are urged to enroll in a non-credit seminar designed to help them work on a dissertation chapter or take a course paper through the several stages of revision that lead to the production of a publishable article. Offered as often as the department can afford a faculty assignment to this course, the seminar typically will combine initial instruction aimed at standard problems (methods of surveying published work, mechanics of presentation, questions of audience, the process of revision, identification of appropriate journals) with more particularized guidance on an individual or small-group basis. The circulation of, and collective commentary upon, drafts of work in progress will be a central part of the seminar.