Graduate Program

Ph.D. Degrees Conferred

The Graduate Program of Literatures in English is proud to announce that the following students had their Ph.D. degrees conferred during 2010-2018 academic years:

Student Dissertation Title Dissertation Director
May 2018
Cooper, Amy "Speaking Pictures": Words, Images, and the Visual Aesthetics of Early Modern Literature Henry Turner
McAuley, Kyle Outer Spaces: Provincialism and the Novel in the British Imperial Century David Kurnick
Wade, Erik Significant Others: Gender, Race, and the English Identity in Early Medieval English Eroticism Stacy Klein
October 2017
Graham, April 'Penolopees Trouthe': Female Faithfulness in Late Medieval English Literature Larry Scanlon
Madden, Caolan Performing Poetesses: Collectivity and Theatricality in Victorian Poetry Carolyn Williams
Mazzaferro, Alexander 'No Newe Enterprize': Empirical Political Science and the Problem of Innovation in the Colonial English Americas Christopher Iannini
Persson, Torleif Imagining the Now: The Making of the Contemporary in the American Novel since 1945 Rebecca Walkowitz
Solomon, Alex The Rhetoric of Probability from New Science to Common Sense Michael McKeon
October 2016
Fesi, Joshua Enlightenment Phenomenology: The Focalization of Perceptual Experience in Eighteenth Century Urban Narrative Colin Jager
Gulya, Jason Enlightenment Allegory: Adapting the Allegorical Form in British Literature, 1660-1750 Michael McKeon
Peterson, Nathan Picaresque Necessity: Episodic Narrative and Causality in the Long Eighteenth Century Lynn Festa
Pietras, Brian Evander's Mother: Gender, Antiquity, and Authorship in Early Modern England Jacqueline Miller
Sherrill, Matthew Forms of Life: Evolution and Poetic Form in the British Long Nineteenth Century Carolyn Williams
Solinger, Fred Sounding Modernism: An Aural History of the Novel, 1899-1963 Rebecca Walkowitz
Winick, Meryl Studied Enchantment: Scholarship and Literature in Britain, 1862-1931 Carolyn Williams
Zubernis, Emily Minimalism, Modernism, and the Aesthetic of Scale Rebecca Walkowitz
May 2016  
Hunt, Stephanie The Forms of Nature: Poetry and the Limits of Politics in Early Modern England Henry Turner
October 2015  
Chappell, Patrick The Recirculation Plot: Objects, Plotting, and the Second-Order Economies of Victorian Fiction John Kucich
Kelly, Erin "Fortune's ever-changing face" in Early Modern Literature & Thought Henry Turner
Klaver, Rebecca Include Everything: Contemporary American Poetry and the Feminist Everyday Evie Shockley
Kotch, Amanda The Embarrassment of Literary Biography: Form and Affect from Dickens to Woolf Kate Flint & Jonah Siegel
Levine, Naomi Rhyme and History in Victorian Poetics Carolyn Williams
Shin, Nami Formed by Contact: Multi-Local Migration and Contemporary Narrative Rebecca Walkowitz
Thomas, J.D. To Train Up a Child: American Protestantism and the Literatures of Religious Educuation, 1745-1920 Greg Jackson
May 2015  
Becker, Brian Modern Folks and Folk Moderns: Media, Modernity, and the Migration of Real Americans Brad Evans
Betancourt, Manuel Being in the Picture: The Movie Fan and Queer Literature Elin Diamond & David Kurnick
Coley, Carrie Running Out of Time: Radicalism, Resistance, and the Future of African American Literature Cheryl Wall
Kao, Vivian Heritage Improved: Postcolonial Cinema Adapts the Nineteenth Century British Novel Dianne Sadoff
Miller, John Person, Place, Thing: Animals in the Victorian Realist Novel Jonah Siegel
Oldfather, Elizabeth Someplace Else: The Eighteenth Century History and Cognitive Science of Literary Transportation Jonathan Kramnick
Ramon, Donavan "The Narratives of Racial Passing Have Risen From the Dead": Redefining Racial Passing in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literary Imagination Cheryl Wall
Ryan, William "A New Strange Disease": Atlantic Medicine, Affective History, and the Novel in America; 1690-1800 Christopher Iannini
Zutshi, Madhvi Thinking About Feeling: Sensibility and Self-Consciousness in the Eighteenth-Century Novel Michael McKeon
October 2014  
Abdur-Rahman, Samira Sites of Instruction: Education, Kinship, and Nation in African American Literature Cheryl Wall
DiGiacomo, Mark How Africa Made Modernism: Afriacn Art and Twentieth-Century Literature Rebecca Walkowitz
Ellermann, Gregory Romanticism After Nature: Matter, Mind, and Speculation William Galperin & Colin Jager
Gonzalez, Octavio Misfit Minorities: Resisting Uplift in the Twentieth-Century Fiction Marianne DeKoven & Rebecca Walkowitz
Hoffman, Jesse Victorian Elegy in the Age of Photography Jonah Siegel
Hu, Pei-Ling Post-Decolonization Secession: The Right of Self-Determination and the Nation-State in Contemporary Postcolonial / World Literatures Richard Dienst
May 2014  
Choi, Ja Yun Travels to China: The Travel Narrative as a Genre in Eighteenth-Century Britain Michael McKeon
Sarkar, Debapriya Possible Knowledge: Forms of Literary and Scientific Thought in Early Modern England Henry Turner
January 2014  
Ellison, Darryl Chaucer Out of Bounds: Chaucerian Continuations, Adaptations, and Apocrypha Larry Scanlon
Goldfarb, Sarah States of Dispossession: Violence, Property, and the Subject in American Literary Regionalism from 1880-1900 Brad Evans
October 2013  
Bradway, Tyler Bad Readers, Perverse Dreams: Affect and the Politics of Reading in Queer Experimental Writing Marianne DeKoven
Howard, Kathleen A Language "Burning and God-Given": The Creative Form of Religious Writing in America, 1790-1865 Gregory Jackson
Lewis, Jenna The World of Regionalism: American Local Color as a Visual Problem, 1820-1900 Brad Evans
Longo, Philip An Army of Lovers: Eros as Attachment in Writing of the American Sexual Revolution Marianne DeKoven
Paustian, Megan Narratives of African Improvement: Missions, Humanitarianism, and the Novel John McClure
Rajasingham, Nimanthi Performing Postcolonial Identities in Global Economies: Power and Resistance in Sri Lanka's Dirty War Elin Diamond
May 2013  
Ogden, Benjamin J.M. Coetzee and the Problems of Literature Myra Jehlen & Derek Attridge
Williams, Katherine Irregular Bodies: Performing Disability on the Early Modern Stage Emily Bartels
January 2013  
Leong, Michael Extending the Document: The Twenty-First Century Long Poem and The Archive Harriet Davidson
October 2012  
Balkin, Sarah Squatters, Vampires, and Personalities: Staging Narration in the Late Nineteenth Century Elin Diamond & Carolyn Williams
Barry, Sean Romantic Pedantry: Personifying the Intellectual from Mr. Spectator to Rev. Casaubon William Galperin
Gang, Joshua Behaviorism and Literary Modernity, 1913-2009 Rebecca Walkowitz
Iturbe, Craig Tonight's Amusements: Parantheatrical Entertainment and the Development of American Drama Elin Diamond
Phillips, Michelle "The Child in the Midst": Modernism and the Problem of Childhood Interiority Marianne DeKoven
Savarese, John Lyric Mindedness: Science and Genre in Romantic Britain Colin Jager
May 2012  
Amich, Candice Performing Future Memory: A Critical Poetics of Globalization Harriet Davidson & Elin Diamond
Bianco, Marcie The Spirit of Marlowe: Creating an Ethics on the Elizabethan Stage Henry Turner
Jacob, Nellickal Looking Through Words: Histories of the Visual Image in Nineteenth-Century Literature William Galperin
Keefe, Anne Wordimage: Lyric Ekphrasis and Subjectivity in the 21st Century Mark Doty
Maitra, Ellorashree Forms of Service: Poetics of Community in Early Modern England Ann Baynes Coiro
Malcom, Carolyn Settlement Fictions: Global South Literature and the Postcolonial Urban Imaginary Richard Dienst
Raub, Emma Muteness and Modern Drama Elin Diamond & Carolyn Williams
Trudell, Scott Literary Song: Poetry, Drama and Acoustic Performance in Early Modern England Henry Turner
October 2011  
Aloo, Enock Re-Imaging Other Futures in Postcolonial Fictions Brent Edwards
Anderson, Margaret Stoic Enlightenments Michael McKeon
Cattrell, Kevin Discord and Deferral in Colonial New England Psalmody Meredith McGill
Cho, Hyunyoung Situated Utopias: Imagining Family and Community in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century England Michael McKeon
Dasgupta, Anannya Playing with Providence and Prescience: Magic in Early Modern English Drama Ann Baynes Coiro
Hyde, Carrie Alienable Rights: Negative Figures of U.S. Citizenship, 1787-1868 Michael Warner
Reich, Elizabeth Hollywood's Invisible Man: Mobilizing the Black Soldier in American Cinema Brent Edwards
Roxburgh, Natalie The Rise of Public Credit and the Eighteenth-Century English Novel Michael McKeon
Singer, T. Benjamin Towards a Transgender Sublime: The Politics of Excess in Trans-specific Cultural Production Richard Miller
Vareschi, Mark Everywhere and Nowhere: The Anonymous Text, 1660-1790 Jonathan Kramnick
May 2011

Blake, Nicola

Narrative Play: Medieval Narrators and Narrative Process Christine Chism

Jaising, Shakti

Recasting Colonialism, Rewriting History: Culture and Imagination in the Neoliberal Present Maria Josefina Saldana-Portillo
Mariano, Trinyan Discourses of Ordinary Justice Meredith McGill
Sudhakar, Anantha Conditional Futures: South Asian American Cultural Production and Community Formation, 1991-2001 Brent Edwards
October 2010  
Di Loreto, Sonia Forms of Exchange: Private Correspondences and the Formation of a National Idea, 1830-1850 Myra Jehlen
Dovale, Leslie New Woman Theatre and the British Avant-Garde, 1880-1925 Elin Diamond
Kim, Eui Young Extended Essays: The Essayistic Spirit in Contemporary American Literature Marianne DeKoven
Lau, Meghan The Shape of History: Literary Form and the First World War Marianne DeKoven
McGrath, Brian The Experimental Realism of William Dean Howells Myra Jehlen
Nielsen, Ezra Late Henry James: Money, War and the End of Writing Myra Jehlen
Rosenfeld, Colleen Indecorous Thinking: Style, Form, and Spenserian Poetics Jacqueline Miller
Yeoh, Paul Improving Language: Victorian Literature and the Civilizing Process Kate Flint