Courses offered by graduate programs at other institutions and through the Inter-University Doctoral Consortium may be taken with the approval of the faculty adviser and the Director of Graduate Studies. This is permissible only if a close equivalent is not offered by the Rutgers Graduate Program within a reasonable time period. Students must present to their Faculty Adviser and the DGS a copy of the course description. Students must complete one year of course work within the department before applying to take courses outside of it; the maximum number of such outside courses is two. This maximum applies to all courses taken outside the department, including those taken at other Rutgers departments, such as History or Philosophy. Students interested in taking courses from such departments at Rutgers must also seek approval from their faculty adviser and the DGS prior to registering for the course.  

Courses in other Graduate Programs are subject to the same course work deadlines as ordinary courses within the Graduate English Program. This includes submitting the final paper to the Graduate Office by the appropriate deadline date.